Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dorcas Network at Seneca Falls 2

How can church fellowships be a support to protective and/or non-custodial parents? How can Christians support women and families who are experiencing domestic abuse?

Janice Levinson, co-founder with Lundy Bancroft of the Protective Mother's Alliance International and Waneta Dawn, author of, Behind the Hedge , a novel that explores the effects of domestic abuse on a Mennonite family, are featured speakers at the Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Women's Rights Convention  .

Domestic Violence is our business. Let's learn how to respond compassionately, effectively, and Biblically!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Are You Safe?

It is awkward for those who have had little or no experience in the matter to reach out to someone they suspect may be a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence, but there are some non-offensive ways of approaching the subject if given an opening. For instance, It was confided to me by a fellow church member that she was experiencing marital problems and was planning on separating from her husband. I could have recommend that she and her husband see one of the pastors for couple's counseling, but I suspected something was going on beyond simple marital discord. I gently asked the woman if she was safe, and her story came tumbling out. She had not confided in anyone at church what she had been going through, and she was devastated at the thought of leaving her abusive husband, but knew she had to. I assured her that the safety of her daughter and herself was paramount, and that she could take time to contemplate the future once that was accomplished.

One step at a time really does apply when it comes to leaving a violent or potentially violent home. And assuring a woman (who is going through the tortuous process of trying to plan for the future while her present is nothing but chaos) that she does not have to deal with all her tomorrows today can be very soothing as there is little doubt that she is frantic about tomorrow as well as her current situation.

Use wisdom, but do get involved. These women need your friendship and support as they struggle to make decisions of life and death import.