Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to Get Involved--Domestic Violence Services Fall Victim to State Budget Cuts

With a recession going on, State budgets are being slashed, and funding for domestic violence programs and services are decreasing in some states. As vital as these services are, as Christians, we should not depend on state services to come to the aid of battered and domestically abused wives within our spheres of influence. But for many, like pastor's wife, Susan Greenfield, author of, Would the Real Church PLEASE Stand Up!, domestic violence shelters and services were all she and her children had to turn to, and domestic violence counselors, instead of her church family, were her supporters as she navigated the terrifying minefield of domestic abuse.

Christians, we must step up to the plate here, and stop shying away from becoming involved in these horrendous situations. Lives depend upon it. The Word of God commands us bear one another's burdens, and a battered wife who comes to us for help is in compliance with the scriptural admonition to seek godly counsel in her situation (Psalm 1:1).

The first step we need to take is to educate ourselves in understanding the issue and learning how to respond to the situation biblically and compassionately. That is the purpose for the books listed in the sidebar of this blog. Together, they make for a well rounded library for the person who wishes to understand the vital issue of domestic abuse and become equipped to deal effectively with it.

After all is said and done, some may yet need to avail themselves of the safety of a shelter, but let it not be said among us, who call ourselves by the name of Christ, that we looked the other way and forced one of our own to seek only secular help.

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