Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spinning Our Wheels

The longer I look at the issue of domestic abuse among Christians, the more convinced I become that all the seminars and conventions in the world, on how to effectively deal with and hopefully stop domestic abuse and violence among Christians, are not going to change a thing until the patriarchal/complementarian doctrine of female subordination is repented of and cast out. It is a vicious doctrine that lies at the very heart of domestic abuse among Christians. It is the thing that perpetuates it and the thing that keeps church leadership from responding appropriately and compassionately to abuse victims.

The Complementarian/Patriarchal theology of rigid roles assigned by God to men and women is a doctrine of extreme prejudice against women with one of its main tenets being that females are inherently antagonistic toward males—most particularly wives against husbands. So in the eyes of the men and women who hold to this doctrine, that makes woman the natural and most powerful enemy of man.

Some time ago, I stated publicly, in writing, that I had no intention of enlisting in the gender war that is currently raging within the Church. That was before I understood that I had no choice in the matter. I now understand that all men and women are drafted into this war, and whether we choose to take no position at all (which means we are content to support the status quo which is complementarian patriarchy) or whether we choose to either quietly or loudly stand on our convictions, we are all in the thick of it, and I have finally, reluctantly, come to accept that fact.

My strong conviction is that prejudice against the female sex lies at the very root of the gender war and at the root of domestic abuse and violence. As evidenced through statements written by nearly all evangelical female authors regarding the viciousness of women’s attitudes and behavior towards men, this prejudice is manifested through women against women just about as much as through men against women. Sadly, it manifests prominently through the leadership of most Fundamentalist and Evangelical denominations, Churches, Bible colleges and Seminaries as well.

Until this prejudice which is perpetuated by the evangelical doctrine of gender-based authority in the home, church, and society is completely eradicated, I can safely predict that, not only will there will be no end to domestic abuse among Christians but that it will become even more prevalent.

We are beginning to explore this issue in some detail at the Woman Submit Blogspot

Friday, March 6, 2009


What goes on BEHIND THE HEDGE?

Behind the Hedge by Waneta Dawn is a spellbinding story that shatters the myth that a single act of domestic violence is an unusual or isolated incident sparked by some fault or action of the victim.

The author, who is both a survivor of domestic abuse and former facilitator for a batterer's intervention group, has crafted a story that draws the reader into the lives of Yvette, Luke and their family and gives an inside view into the psyches of both abuser and abused.

The book is both good reading and an excellent resource for Christians who want to learn more about responding compassionately and biblically to the sin of domestic abuse, for those who may be experiencing domestic abuse or wonder if they are experiencing domestic abuse or who know someone who is.

Waneta Dawn was raised in the Mennonite Faith. Readers can learn more about her and, BEHIND THE HEDGE, by visiting her website, http://www.wanetadawn.com/