Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm So Pretty...Oh So Pretty....

Battered women are being told that in order to be free from the violence, they must realize what beautiful creations of God they are.

I have to tell you, as a formerly battered Christian wife, that statement was (and still is) so irrelevant to me and my situation.

My problem was not that I did not know and understand that I was made in God's image. I understood that perfectly.

My problem was that I needed to be certain of what God's perfect will was in regards to my situation before I could make a move to change it--that and the fact that I loved my ungodly, abusive and violent husband and wanted with all my heart for him to repent of his sinful behavior and help make our marriage work.

The last time I looked, none of those things are sinful, wrong, or even dysfunctional. In fact, they are all encouraged by the Bible and by most any Christian leader who is worth his or her salt.

But I did need to leave the marriage, and the things I needed to know in order to confidently change my situation were revealed to me by the Spirit of God using the written Word of God--the Bible.

Those things were very specific and had absolutely nothing to do with how beautiful I thought I was (although the Lord, at one point, did show me how he views all blood bought, born again, children of God. And they are beautiful to him).

Battered Christian women are being sold a bill of goods by people who claim to be Christian but seem to be sold out to unscriptural psychological theories.

There are currently several high profile domestic violence organizations that are making it their business to minister to the "spiritual" needs of battered women of any and all spiritual persuasions. The "Jesus" presented, by these organizations, to victims who profess Christianity, due to the exclusivity of his own claims, must of necessity be "another Jesus"--not the Jesus of the Bible.

This is a spiritually-dangerous practice, and battered Christian women must be told that they are being asked to put on a set of the emperor's new clothes.

Yes, God wants us to be healthy--spiritually, physically and emotionally. But the only way we can do that is by first understanding the fact that we are made of clay, and then by falling on the stone that the builders rejected.

Jesus is our only answer, the "real" Jesus, the exclusive Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible. We must believe the Word of God which tells us that we already love ourselves well enough, and we must also believe that it is not in a man to understand the way he should take. We must begin to acknowledge HIM in all our ways so HE can direct our paths.

That is true freedom, and that is what set me free. Embracing the unscriptural concept of realizing what a "beautiful person" I was never played even the most insignificant part in the process.