Monday, February 25, 2008

Perpetuating Abuse Through Litigation

Gail's children are currently in the custody of their father (who has been convicted and served jail time for physically assaulting and battering Gail on more than one occasion).

The children are being abused, neglected and sexually molested by their custodial father. The courts will not remove the children from this environment in spite of documented evidence the abuse is indeed taking place.

In addition to abusing the children, Gail's ex-husband is using his money and the court system to harass and abuse her through litigation. The father has money and can afford sharp lawyers. Gail has no money and cannot get an attorney.

This family desperately needs our prayers. In addition to all of the above Gail also needs her heart healed and repentence to take place in her life. Although she is in church every Sunday, she is very angry with God.

This is an authentic situation as related to Jocelyn Andersen by Gail--a non-custodial mother (her name has been changed as she is currently in litigation).

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