Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bail Him Out of Jail!??

Below is an email I recieved from a battered wife which drives home the absolute need for an organization like the Dorcas Network.

Quote: My husband, a preacher, tried to suffocate me in his attempt to "calm me down" and all I hear from church elders (one in particular) is when are you going to bail him out of jail?

They did not care to find out what actually transpired - they were quick to demand the wife bail the husband out because he is her husband!! They totally forget the fact that he could have killed her and her children. Or worse, you will have church members throwing Ephesians 4 (wives submit to your husband....) at you demanding to know if you know your place!

What kind of counseling help can these church elders provide when they are quick to point fingers before even finding out the truth of the matter?

Forget about a safety plan from a church, or your neighbors for that matter too. I have found that my safest bet was with people who have dealt with domestic violence and know what to do. Someone your husband does not know about, so you can make your escape easier. End Quote

My Comment: It is a shame and a reproach upon the Christian community that almost no one in the local churches knows what to do in a domestic violence situation.

That is why I formed the Dorcas Network.

When are you going to bail your husband out!??

God help us.

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