Thursday, August 30, 2007

About The Dorcas Network

The Dorcas Network
This Woman was Full of Good Works...Acts 9:36
Remember Empower STOP Domestic Violence

Jocelyn Andersen, author of, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, founded The Dorcas Network in order to work with Christian individuals and ministries desiring to help battered women. The Dorcas Network provides a network of informed, compassionate, individuals who are able to respond to women who are experiencing domestic abuse, compassionately, effectively, and biblically.

Andersen believes that Christians should be leading the charge in the fight against domestic violence.

Before turning to authorities or seeking legal help of any sort, women experiencing domestic abuse often turn, first, to their family, friends, and spiritual leadership for assistance. Tangible help for women who are endangered by domestic violence can become more readily accessible to them through enlarging the network of compassionate and informed individuals within local communities at the grassroots level, and what better place to start than within the local church?

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